Get pain relief, increase flexibility, and perhaps avoid surgery for less than the cost of a single physical therapy session.

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Have you given up golf or tennis because of elbow pain?

Does your painful plantar fasciitis make you dread stepping out of bed in the morning?

Are you considering surgery for sciatica?

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Discover effective stretching exercises you can do at home to

  • Reduce pain
  • Heal an injury
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve your athletic performance

For less than the cost of a single rehab therapy session, you can have video stretching exercises that address your specific condition, from migraines to shin splints.

It’s like having your own personal therapist in your home demonstrating the proper form, working with you through the entire series, and encouraging you the whole way.

I’m Teri Wilkinson, LMT, CPT. I want to help you relieve your pain and discomfort without dangerous drugs, costly repeat trips to a doctor, or surgery.

I have 20+ years’ experience in soft tissue injuries, personal training and a degree in athletic training. I’ve been trained by international leaders in the industry, including Aaron Mattes, who taught me Active Isolated Stretching and Michael Young, from whom I learned the Muscle Release Technique.

Powerful Stretching Exercises for Pain Relief and Flexibility

Teri Wilkinson

People come to me with sciatica, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, rotator cuff injuries, fibromyalgia, migraines, and more. Many of them are desperate for pain relief. Often they are facing surgery as a last option.

Rarely do they leave my care and go to the operating room.

My goal is to send my clients home with the tools they need to regain their health – after only one session on my table. I teach them my revolutionary concept in creating and maintaining flexibility, including stretching exercises to do at home, so they never have to come back for therapy.

But there’s a catch.

You’ll only feel better if you do the stretches!

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Some of my clients kept coming back, because they didn’t do the stretching exercises I taught them. Or they couldn’t remember how to do them. They kept paying me $80 an hour to relieve the pain of muscle strains, herniated discs, IT band syndrome, tendinitis, frozen shoulder and other conditions.

I knew the only way I could help my clients get well was if I could do the stretches with them every day. So that’s why I created this series of video stretches.

What a difference these videos have made for my clients.

  • These stretches have saved me many doctor visits. – Beth
  • I had bad sciatica pain for 10 years until I started doing these stretches. – Larry
  • After doing these stretches, I ran my 20 miles with no IT band pain. – Tina
  • Just three simple stretches, and I no longer suffer from painful plantar fasciitis! - Donna

By performing the stretching exercises in my videos every day, you can improve your health, increase flexibility, and dramatically reduce the likelihood of your pain returning. Most importantly, you are going to feel great!

Get Relief! Now to heal your specific condition.

For any conditions you may have that are not listed on the Shop for Relief! page, you can contact me directly and let me know of your condition.   I will promptly get back with an answer for you.

If you live near Kauai, HI and want to make an appointment to work with me in person, visit the Services page for more information.